by Castlerock

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released March 8, 2011

recorded in my living room on the 17th of February, 2011

Patrick Shiroishi - guitar, piano, vibraphone, synthesizer, and voices
Jee-Shaun Wang - art



all rights reserved


Castlerock Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Untitled (Black)
sometimes you feel that you've been led astray
that things have not been all that true
how could it be your fault you never lie?
you end up bent and broken on the ground

it's hard to stay away from you
i try
it's hard to think of anything else
so just know i am not okay

i have lost the things i thought were clear
chased the things that i just don't need
so tell me who and why and how come
cause you just need to know that you are not okay
Track Name: The End?
tell me the things that you've wanted to say
you never know when it'd be your last chance
these past couple days you've been much more cold
and i don't even know if you feel me at all

i never thought it would end up this way
who ever thinks it would happen to you?
i'm not afraid of whats coming up next
i just want it to be alright

what can i do to make it better?
who do i find to clear this up?
where must i look to find the answers?
i need to know

why do you think that you feel this way?
what made you change into what you are?
who is the man that you turn to these days?
why don't you believe in me anymore?
why can't you see the things that i see?
why do you say things that you don't mean?
have you lost hope in the things you love?
why don't you love me anymore?

i am so lost, i feel so broken
thought i was fine but i'm left with nothing
you said, "i'm sorry," should i believe you?
somebody tell me what i should do